Real Estate Backed Cryptocurrencies

Randy Kellerman is a licensed realtor and a 15 year veteran of what is considered by many the most stable and consistently profitable industry in the world. REAL ESTATE! After utilizing his extensive knowledge of residential and commercial real estate in the Vancouver area, Randy decided to invest in virtual currencies and generated significant amounts of money when a Bitcoin was valued at $100. But he didn’t stop there!  

Randy Kellerman is a licensed Managing Broker, and also connected to real estate financiers, bankers, and institutional investors. An avid cryptocurrency fan, Randy reached out to his contacts with the idea of creating a property or real estate-backed coin. Today there are various real-estate coins such as LA Token, Breeze Coin, and Ecoral Estate. All of these coins are based on loans which are indirectly linked to mortgages in most cases. BMI Advantage virtual coins are directly connected to physical properties which can sold in order to create liquidity.

Creating A Better and More Stable Future

During times of financial instability and constant changes, you need to make smart decisions and navigate the waters safely. BMI Advantage is a veteran in the real estate agency and has built itself a solid reputation for providing value for customers. It is that kind of philosophy that we bring to the table when dealing with our crypto coins.

Making The Shift
BMI Advantage only deals with property-backed crypto coins these days, and our older assets and contacts are now used to for that purpose.




BMI Advantage will never use fake celebrity endorsements and is not associated in any way with various get-rich-quick schemes such as Bitcode Prime which was recently exposed here.    

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“ I have been using your software for about two weeks now and managed to generate over £4,500. When I started out I was a little bit hesitant but fortunately I had the good sense to invest £350 and as they say the rest is history. Thank you for making this software available, we are now planning our future and its looking brighter every day!” Evelyn Furlong
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Profit: $5,100

It’s not everyday we experience a life-changing moment, but that was the case when we started using the best coin app system. In a matter of days we started to generate passive income and after a few weeks we were able to live the kind of life we always wanted. Chris Turner
NSW Australia